21 Timeless Herringbone Backsplash Designs for Your Kitchen

Herringbone Backsplash Kitchens

Are you building a new home or renovating your existing kitchen? Make sure to explore Herringbone backsplash kitchens before confirming your home design. This unique pattern consists of short parallel lines forming a V-shaped design. The herringbone pattern is a geometric zig-zag that gives your kitchen elegance and charm.

Backsplash is an integral part of every kitchen that protects the walls from being damaged. Water, grease, and other liquids harm the kitchen walls in the long term. The absence of a backsplash asks for high maintenance of the wall. A backsplash will help keep your kitchen clean and safeguard the wall. They are made from ceramic, glass, porcelain, metal, and natural stone.

This article explores 21 unique herringbone backsplash kitchen ideas for your home. You can pick a suitable color depending on your interior and aesthetics. Kitchen design ideas for your new herringbone pattern are as follows.

1. Dramatic Blue Quartz Backsplash

Dramatic Blue Quartz Backsplash

Kitchens are not limited to just being a small corner of the house only for cooking. They are an integral part of the home and deserve equal attention in the interiors. It needs the most appealing and aesthetic look, being an open space to all the family members and guests. This interior’s royal blue and white combination gives a majestic and grand look.

The white countertop, drawers, and chimney complement the blue hue of the table and herringbone backsplash. The white border on each tile allows the design to stand out on the wall. The golden chandeliers and transparent seated chairs add a luxurious look to the whole setting of the kitchen.

2. Marble and Glass Tiles in Classic Interior

Marble and Glass Tiles in Classic Interior

This classic marble and glass backsplash is perfect for a calming and soothing vibe in the kitchen. Its rustic and vintage theme will take you back to the olden times. The white countertop and grayish backsplash complement each other to form a hypnotic and relaxing environment in your kitchen.

The white hanging lights above the marble centerpiece help set the energy of celebration. The beautiful flower vase gives it a perfect of being raw and unfiltered. Such interiors define a loving, grounded, and confident personality. If these qualities describe you, this interior will perfectly fit into your home.

3. Bold Black Ceramic Tile Backsplash

Bold Black Ceramic Tile Backsplash

Black is the color of power, elegance, and formality. Having these bold black herringbone backsplash tiles in your kitchen is a direct message to all visitors about your personality. However, black backsplash, countertop, and cupboard also come with benefits. You don’t have to clean them often as the dark color does not display much dirt and stains. You can take your time and clean it whenever you wish without facing any kind of embarrassment.

The white table with red chairs brings the needed balance to the space. Get your kitchen bold black ceramic backsplash tiles to feel the power and presence of this hue.

4. White Herringbone Backsplash Tiles

White Herringbone Backsplash Tiles

The combination of white and gray gives this kitchen a cozy and spotless look. The white tiles with black borders perfectly match the white cupboards with black handles. The gray chimney, refrigerator, and sink add a stunning silver shade to the kitchen interiors. The brass centerpiece with a plant adorns the white marble, and the wooden chairs add a rustic feel.

The backsplash in this design does not extend up to the ceiling. It is limited to the area near the countertop and extends up to the window. The hanging glass lamps shine bright and reflect the beauty of the marble in the middle of the kitchen.

5. Unique White Backsplash

Unique White Backsplash

This bright and cozy kitchen brings uniqueness with a small clock and its bordering design. Instead of a straight line or a curve, the herringbone backsplash in this theme ends with a unique design. It surely grabs the attention of every visitor and makes them question the creativity and mystery behind it. The neat but antique backsplash tiles add a beautiful shine to the kitchen walls.

The thick white border neatly separates the wall and the backsplash. The consistent white border is also used as a window partition and the corridor door. The black sink tap, hanging lamp, and watch periphery come together and complement the other calming shades in the kitchen.

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6. Luxurious Tile Backsplash

Luxurious Tile Backsplash

White and Golden shades form a luxurious and royal kitchen interior. The white backsplash with striking golden color in between cannot miss anybody’s attention. The appealing hints of golden among the white shade make it a unique part of the kitchen. The wooden placements for cutleries and small vases enhance the look of the backsplash.

The white marble countertop with a golden tap gives the kitchen a spotless, clean, and tidy look. This theme is a perfect combination of white, golden, and wooden hues. It adds a luxurious and modern rustic style look to the space.

7. Contrasting Herringbone Pattern Tile Backsplash

Contrasting Herringbone Pattern Tile Backsplash .jpg

With this efficient and spacious design, make your herringbone backsplash tiles stand out from the interior. The white shade on every kitchen corner complements the black and powerful backsplash. The different shades of black and gray come together to form this unique cover for the kitchen wall.

The black hanging chandelier and designed marble also complement the bright white in the background. The airy and enormous kitchen space accommodates the table, chairs, countertop, and cupboards very well. This combination brings the finesse of white and the audacity of black into one design.

8. Gracious Gray in the Kitchen

Gracious Gray in the Kitchen

Some might find extreme gray a boring color. However, it does make a space elegant when used in the proper place. This kitchen perfectly displays the herringbone backsplash tiles in a gray shade and a gray chimney. The complementing white countertop and cupboards do not dull the space. This combination makes the area remarkably sharp and cozy.

The transparent glass lamp beautifully reflects the yellow light on the silver shade of the backsplash and the white countertop. Instead of being considered a dull color, it denotes coziness, softness, and warmth. The blue chairs in the theme create a highly contrasting pair with the background theme.

9. Mixed Colour Tiles Backsplash

Mixed Colour Tiles Backsplash

Backsplash is used to keep the kitchen walls safe from the dirt that gathers due to cooking. This design specifically covers the area behind the gas stove with a backsplash. The rest of the wall has the original design.

This herringbone backsplash is of white, gray, golden, and other mixed-colored tiles. The tiles are unevenly arranged without any color coordination. This mismatch in the design gives it an equally untidy look and grabs the attention. Not all the colors and patterns have to be evenly arranged for the design to look appealing. This backsplash is a perfect example of how an untidy setting of tiles can also enhance the beauty of the space.

10. Herringbone Backsplash Behind Kitchen Sink

Herringbone Backsplash Behind Kitchen Sink

This peach and white herringbone backsplash brings an antique and unique look to this small kitchen countertop. The dark brown wooden drawers and cupboards strongly state their presence. The marble countertop has a beautiful shade of peach, white, and spots of dark brown to complement every part of the kitchen.

A horizontal line separates the traditional herringbone pattern on the wall. The line distinguishes and brings out each zig-zag and the beauty of geometry. The peach hue brings in vitality, energy, playfulness, and encouragement. These energies help you to get through tough days when you don’t feel like moving ahead.

11. Modern Themed Backsplash for Kitchen

Modern Themed Backsplash for Kitchen

This modern and chic kitchen design uses ceramic tiles for the kitchen backsplash. The middle part is adorned with a traditional herringbone design, and the remaining tiles are placed as a bond. The black border on every tile makes the whole design extremely elegant and unique. Also, the black open space on the right-hand side makes all the spices accessible for the chef. Along with being convenient, it also complements the wall’s color.

The backsplash in this design is extended up to the ceiling. The continuation enhances the beauty of the wall behind the cooking area. Proper use of tiles, backsplash, and patterns can enhance the look of even a small kitchen.

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12. Vibrant and Colourful Backsplash Tiles

Vibrant and Colourful Backsplash Tiles .jpg

This design is the best if you want your interior to be more fun and vibrant. Filled with colors that bring joy and excitement, the herringbone backsplash makes the space alive. White is a constant in many designs, but the backsplash pattern and color define the aura of the whole kitchen area.

The white, mustard, light yellow, and brown shades behind the cooking area lighten the interior. The rustic chairs complement the pattern on the backsplash to make the space more alive. Additional elements like hanging lamps, vases near the cooking area, and beautiful vegetable baskets add to the beauty of the interior.

13. Calming Hue Tiles for Backsplash

Calming Hue Tiles for Backsplash

The most unique part of this interior design is the placement of the backsplash. They are normally found behind the gas stove or the cooking area. However, this specific picture highlights the one behind a basin. Washing the groceries, dishes, and our hands also results in staining the wall behind the wash basin. This herringbone backsplash protects the wall from any stains of water, soap, or chemicals.

The placement of a mirror is another distinctive part of this design. This happens when the space has less area to place a mirror. A kitchen sink is normally placed near a window. However, if you do not have a window, placing a mirror will give it an instant touch of light and a classic look.

14. Elegant Backsplash Tile for the Kitchen

Elegant Backsplash Tile for the Kitchen

The curtains on the window above the kitchen sink grab your attention as you glance through the space. They beautifully contrast the backsplash and cover the window. The brownish hue of the herringbone backsplash contrasts with the white cupboards and window borders. The high-ceiling kitchen has a long backsplash that touches the white wall. Black countertops and chairs are the additional elements that add power to other calming colors in the kitchen.

The antique wooden piece and a candle stand give the kitchen a majestic look. The cubicle kitchen design creates coziness as you cook and prepare your meal for the day. The partition is helpful when you have to serve guests along with doing the preparations.

15. Solid White for Your Kitchens

Solid White for Your Kitchens .jpg

This design helps us agree with the saying that ‘White is always right.’ Go with the white color if you don’t want to ponder upon different shades and confuse yourself. Everything in the kitchen, including cupboards, countertops, backsplash, and containers, looks beautiful in white. The whole white look will give your cooking space a distinguished ultra-modern look.

The white setup does come with a lot of maintenance too. If you are in an open space where dust comes in through windows, doors, or small corners, cleaning has to be a priority. Regular cleaning of herringbone backsplash, countertops, and other kitchen surfaces will be mandatory when you go all-white. Despite the work, the grace this interior brings is incomparable.

16. White and Gray Tiles Backsplash

Elegant Backsplash Tile for the Kitchen

This kitchen design covers all shades from black to white and whatever comes in between. Different shades of gray are visible on the backsplash, chimney, marble in the middle, and the handles of the cupboard. The contrasting shade of the backsplash catches the attention at first sight.

The open window near the corner keeps the fresh air flowing due to the regular circulation. The most quirky part of this kitchen design is the red gas knob. Amongst all the colors used in this theme of interior design, the red knob stands out in the whole space. It adds the needed vibrancy to the cooking process and creates an interesting interior.

17. Country-themed Kitchen Backsplash Tiles

White and Gray Tiles Backsplash. .jpg

The warm rustic setting holds the gray country-themed backsplash tiles in this kitchen design. This herringbone backsplash protects the kitchen wall from the countertop to the ceiling. Shades of golden, brown, and light orange are all over the place, spreading their glory in the home.

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The intricately curated basket on the marble with flowers beautifies the whole kitchen. Hanging golden lamps are a delight to watch. Different shades of gray in the backsplash create an amazingly uneven pattern on the wall. When you get creative with different colors and their unique shades, this is what you get as an outcome.

18. Detailed Ceramic Tiles for Backsplash

Detailed Ceramic Tiles for Backsplash

The napkin hanging on the handle grabs your attention as you look at the design of this kitchen. How beautifully it matches the backsplash and complements the whole kitchen. One of the important parts of designing is also about buying accessories that complement or contrast the colors of surrounding areas.

Different shades of brown cover the kitchen wall through a backsplash and enhance the interior of the space. The creamy shade of white is mesmerizing and gives a dreamy vibe. The charming white hanging light is an altogether different beauty in this whole set-up.

The canvas painting on the right wall, a red carpet, and wooden chairs bring unique shades into the kitchen. Who said kitchens have to be dull? This theme brings in all the colors to make it come alive.

19. Sky Blue Shade in Your Kitchen

Sky Blue Shade in Your Kitchen

The sky blue tone brings mental relaxation because of its restorative qualities. Incorporating this color into your house will strongly impact your mental health. You might not realize it, but it subconsciously leaves a lot of impact. This herringbone backsplash in a sky-blue shade is what every person needs in their kitchen. Along with protecting your kitchen walls, it also gives peace and calm to your mind.

The bubble-like hanging lamps are a delicate beauty in this kitchen. The combination of white and blue is a classic mix of timeless beauty. Create a soothing, tranquil, and calming experience while you cook with this sky-blue backsplash in your kitchen.

20. Gray & White Is Looking Right!

Gray & White Is Looking Right!

The nostalgic combination of gray and white brings together the timeless beauty of the backsplash. The herringbone pattern gives the surface a gentle movement and allows your eye to move upwards and downwards in a soothing manner. It gives a smooth feel, textured warmth, and exhibits status. If elegance is your choice, then this gray and white herringbone should be your kitchen’s backsplash.

This mini kitchen set-up has made optimum utilization of the whole space by adding the frame, sink, stove, and a small plant in the same line. Even though a chair is normally not placed near the stove, this transparent beauty is a quirky addition to the whole kitchen’s interior.

21. Shades of Green Look Serene!

Shades of Green Look Serene!

Different shades of green with a hint of maroon on the edges make this backsplash the most unique. White is a versatile color that goes with almost every shade. In this design, white contrasts the green herringbone tiles on the kitchen walls. Green is a color that brings inspiration, creativity, and a modern feel.

This is a large and spacious kitchen with a long passage. The use of wooden furniture will suit the combination of white and green. The dark green in your kitchen is a natural stress reliever that helps you remain calm while you work.

A Backsplash for Your Kitchen!

The interior of any space reflects the homeowner’s personality, taste, and style. So instead of going for the latest trend, select a design you resonate with. You should feel comfort and love for what you create as you walk into your home.

Feel free to experiment with herringbone backsplash. The best part is that backsplashes are easier to change than the countertop. You can easily replace and change the design if you want to bring in a new vibe after a few years.

Protect the kitchen walls and enhance the beauty with amazing backsplashes!

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