Shelves for the Laundry Room: 21 Incredible Ideas

Laundry Room Shelving Ideas

A laundry room is a space used to wash, iron, and hang clothes. Therefore it is one of the most important places in the house. It should be given equal attention just like other parts of the house. But not many people think of how to design the laundry room to make it creative so they feel nice while working in it.

A well-kept laundry room will ease your burden of looking for things here and there. It looks nice and will also have a positive impact on others. Organizing things, shelves play an important role. The design and style of the shelves impact the overall look of the laundry.

So here are a few shelf ideas that can be used to give your laundry a different look.

1. Modern and Well-Organized Laundry Room

Modern and Well-Organized Laundry Room .jpg

It is not a difficult task to organize the laundry items. A well-organized laundry room with separate shelves for separate articles would help in managing the clutter. It is a time-saving option as it would be easy to distinguish between the various items. For example, you can keep dirty clothes in a separate section, wash clothes in a separate one, the soaps and detergents in a different one, and so on. In addition to this, the wooden shelves are complemented by the black tiles and the closet, giving a modern and stylish look, thus adding glamour to the laundry room.

2. Use Closed Shelves in the Laundry Room

Use Closed Shelves in the Laundry Room

To prevent the laundry items from getting lost, you should opt for a closed shelf in the laundry room. It will ensure that all the things are kept intact on the shelf where they are supposed to be. Closed shelves also prevent the accumulation of dust on the articles. They give a neat and clean appearance in comparison to the open shelves. In this small laundry room, the closed shelves give it a complete look. The selection of color is also perfect as the lighter shades of grey will give an illusion of the large space.

3. Install Shelves to Utilise Space

Install Shelves to Utilise Space .jpg

People who want to add some extra storage space in their laundry can install shelves to update their laundry room. This will help them to keep the laundry items organized. You can purchase the shelves as per the size of your room or the quantity you want to store in it. Another thing that matters is the look of the laundry room after installing these shelves. To make the laundry room attractive, purchase a shelf for the laundry room that fits well in it. Else it will spoil the look of the room. For example, in this room, the white shelves have perfectly camouflaged with the white walls, thus giving a seamless look.

4. Add Gliding Shelves to the Existing Cabinets

Add Gliding Shelves to the Existing Cabinets

If you don’t have extra space to install the shelves in your laundry room but have cabinets in your laundry room without any separate divisions, then you can try adding gliding shelves to the existing cabinets. These shelves will help in organizing things. With the help of these shelves, you can store more laundry stuff. You can purchase these shelves according to the size of your cabinet. Adding these shelves will help in achieving a simple look without changing the show of the laundry room. Another advantage they possess is that they are not expensive and will therefore fit into everyone’s budget.

5. Using Woven Baskets to Store Things

Using Woven Baskets to Store Things

Another way to cover the open shelves of the laundry room by showcasing your creative skills is by placing woven baskets in them. Using woven baskets will give a different look to the laundry room and will save you from the fuss of seeing things scattered. These baskets are placed alternatively on the open shelves and add style to the laundry room. Placing the side wooden rack has added more to the look of the room and also serves as a place to store things. You can either cover all the open shelves or a few as per your wish.

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6. Using Sliding Shelves

Using Sliding Shelves

If you have less space and more items to store, then you can put this gliding shelf in the laundry room. These sliding shelves are an innovative approach for people having small laundry rooms. It will make the best of even the smallest space available, as shown in the image. In the following room, they have made use of the small space between the wall and the washing machine by inserting a sliding shelf in it. Similarly, you can add such sliding shells in your laundry room according to the available space and then use them to store the things.

7. Organising Things Smartly

Organising Things Smartly

To get something new and creative, you need to act smartly, and then your mission is accomplished. If you want to add some more storage space to your laundry room, then you can even smartly use the doors to keep things. For this, all you need is, fixing a few racks on your door, and then you can utilize them to keep light laundry items such as detergents, soaps, shampoos, and towels in that. The shelves should be fixed through some strong medium; else, they might fall. Avoid keeping any heavy things on these shelves as they might fall due to the excessive pressure applied.

8. Vertical Addition of the Shelves

Vertical Addition of the Shelves

This can be a good idea for people with small laundry spaces. If you feel that there are still more things to be kept, but you are running short of space, then go for this option. For this, all you need to do is to add shelves vertically instead of horizontally, as done in the following laundry room. Here, they utilized the small space efficiently by adding shells over the countertop to accommodate the items. You can either fix wooden or steel shelves in the laundry room. It would be best to opt for material which won’t get spoilt with water.

9. Complementing Shelves for the Laundry Room

Complementing Shelves for the Laundry Room

If you want to create an illusion of a larger room, then the color of the shelf in the laundry room should be the same as that of the walls of the room, especially white. White color makes the place look more special and bright, so many people prefer adding white-colored cabinets to their rooms. The same can be done with the laundry rooms too. Add countertops to the room to accommodate more items. You can place baskets on the countertop to store things in it. These white cabinets have added an elite look to the laundry room, and hence it also becomes an interesting corner of your house.

10. Floating Shelves

Floating Shelves

Another way to pile up your stuff in a neat and organized way without adding heavy cabinets or shelves is by installing a floating shelf in the laundry room. Floating shelves or floating cabinets are easy to install, and they also do not take up too much space. In addition to this, floating cabinets can be used to add style and creativity to the existing rooms. By experimenting with the color and the design of the floating shelves, it is easy to achieve a creative and stylish look and, at the same time, manage the laundry items.

11. Open Shelves

Open Shelves

If you do not want to add many things to your laundry room and the basic purpose why you are installing the shells is just to accommodate a few of your daily essentials, then you can go for open shelves. Open shelves would be less costly than closed cabinets and won’t be taking much of this space in the laundry room, giving it a simple look. Further, if you want to keep more things in the open shells, then you can use woven baskets or boxes where you can keep the things. The material of the open shelf should be selected very carefully and is dependent on the material you are willing to put on the shelves.

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12. Contrasting Combinations of Shelves

Contrasting Combinations of Shelves

If you already have enough space to keep your stuff and are willing to give a modern look to your boring-looking laundry room, you can experiment with the color of the shelves placed in the laundry room. In this laundry room, a unique look has been created with grey and white colored cabinets. Similarly, you can also experiment with the cabinet’s colors to give a bold, ethnic, simple, or decent look as per your choice. Placing more decor items like vases, indoor plants, and photo frames will increase the beauty of the laundry room.

13. Rolling Shelves

Rolling Shelves

Rolling shelves are an innovative way to upgrade your boring laundry room using an interesting and artistic feature. The concept of rolling shelves saves the person from the headache of bringing the clothes in a separate container and then arranging them on the shelves. Instead, just carry your shelf and collect the clothes from the rooms, and you are done. Rolling shelves are lightweight, so they will give the laundry room a light look. They will also give a creative and stylish look to the laundry room. In this laundry room, the designer has perfectly used the space using floating shelves.

14. Ladder Shelves

Ladder Shelves

Ladder shelves are portable shelves that can be kept in any room to either keep your day-to-day essentials or showcase your decor items to flaunt them. A ladder shelf in a laundry room will serve as decor as well as a useful shelf to store small laundry items like soaps, detergents, shampoos, etc. These shelves are a new concept that helps in organizing the items and does not give a compact look to the laundry room. These ladder shelves have the potential to become the center of attraction of the laundry room if chosen wisely and according to the laundry room.

15. Single Multifunctional Shelf

Single Multifunctional Shelf

People who have a lot of laundry stuff to organize can consider installing a multifunctional shelf in the laundry room. From open shelves to hanging rods and gliding racks, this multifunctional shelf has everything in it. It stores a variety of items all in one place. If you want to hang clothes, it has rods for it; if you want to pile up the clothes, it has open shelves for it. In addition to this, the pattern and texture of the laundry room walls give it a modern and elite look, thus, making it a place where the day can be spent without getting bored and feeling burdened.

16. Blue-Colored Shelves

Blue-Colored Shelves

Who said that the most creative room title should only be given to the living room or bedroom? The laundry room can also be creative, and this can be done by experimenting with the color of the cabinets. For example, this elegant and stylish look of the laundry room has just been achieved by painting the shelves blue. The light blue color has given an elegant look to the laundry room. Although the most used colors are white and black, what is the harm in trying something new? You can even try more colors that, according to you, will complement the most with the look of your laundry room.

17. Laundry Shelves with Doors

Laundry Shelves with Doors

To give a different outlook to your laundry room, you can add doors to it. In the following room, the designer has very smartly utilized the small space and created an artistic laundry room. To achieve this look, they have used open shelves, hanging rods, a few racks, and finally added doors that give the effect of a closed shelf in the laundry room. The best feature of this laundry room is that they have made a small laundry room inside the big room and kept all the laundry items piled up in one place.

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18. Wooden Shelves

Wooden Shelves

If the laundry room is not built adjacent to the bathroom, then wooden shelves can be added to the laundry room. The wooden shelves would give the laundry room an aesthetic and rustic look. Wooden shelves are more durable than plastic, and that is why they are the best choice for keeping heavy objects. Selecting the perfect design and size for the wooden shelf in the laundry room will change its outlook of it, making it the place where you will enjoy working. If you want to protect the wooden shelves from moisture, then you can paint the shelves or cover them with a plastic sheet.

19. Built-In Shelves

Built-In Shelves

If you are planning to build a new laundry room, then you can add built-in shelves to it. These shelves should be made to increase the functionality of the laundry room. You should create a space where you can store the dirty clothes, wash them and then iron them all at once. This is how you will be able to utilize the space smartly. This is a good example of a built-in shelf in a laundry room that has stored many laundry items in one place. The final look has been achieved by painting it with the complimenting color of the room.

20. Shelves with Hanging Rods

Shelves with Hanging Rods

If you are not a fan of folding your clothes and want to hang them instead, installing shelves with hanging rods will be helpful. It uses the space between the countertop and the open or the closed shelf in the laundry room effectively and is a smart way to use the space This will save your expenses of purchasing an extra closet to keep clothes for the drying purpose. You can also hang the clothes after ironing directly into the closet. It gives a complete look to the shelves. You can put wallpapers on the wall behind the hanging rod to give it a more appealing look.

21. Making Use of Every Inch of Space

Making Use of Every Inch of Space

Generally, it has been observed that though we might manage the space of the room efficiently, the corners still go unnoticed. As a result, the whole space is not utilized. If you want to use more space, then you can add shelves in the corner, also. Painting them with similar color as the cabinets makes the room spacious; hence, you will be able to cleverly use the space without it giving a cluttered look. It would be best to add open shelves in the corner as they can be set up easily compared to the open shelves.


Just like any other room in the house, the laundry room also holds its importance. While designing the house, many people tend to skip adding details to the laundry room to make it attractive. But designing the laundry room isn’t too difficult. To make your laundry room well organized and attractive, you can work on its features, such as adding shelves.

It will help to give a different outlook to your room and will also store your essentials. The customization of the laundry room can be done according to the items you want to store in it, the space available, etc. With the help of a little experiment with the design, color, and types of shelves, you can create a unique and distinctive laundry room for your house where you won’t feel bored while working.

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