Top 21 Wood Trim Accent Wall Ideas to Transform Your Space

Best Wood Trim Accent Wall Ideas

Wood trim accent walls are a great way to recreate a boring and dull wall into something new and exciting. Even if you are building a new home, then you can add accent walls in one or two rooms to add a signature look to your room. People who prefer minimalistic houses can opt for accent walls as these walls are complete in themselves and do not require any extra wall decors for a final look.

They are artistic pieces of work that look amazing and enhance the beauty of the room. By experimenting with the color, pattern, and design of these walls, you can create your wood trim wall appealing. Here are examples of a few wood-trim accent wall ideas that you can consider while designing your wall.

1. White- Coloured Wood Trim Accent Wall

White- Coloured Wood Trim Accent Wall

To add grace to the living room, the white wood trim accent wall ideas can be considered. White-colored walls make the room brighter. This white-colored wood trim accent wall is complementing the wooden flooring and the light-colored sofa set. This style of the wall has been completed by the mirror. This wall idea is a decent choice for people who like to keep the walls simple.

2. Gray-Colored Accent Wall

Gray-Colored Accent Wall

Since gray is becoming very popular nowadays, here is a simple yet stylish wood trim accent wall idea which is making the bedroom look luxurious without adding any accessories like mirrors or paintings to it. It is a perfect idea for people who want to go for style but without adding any heavy accessories. The grey and white accent wall is perfectly blending with the furniture of the room to enhance the look.

3. Bold Accent Wall Using Darker Shades of Gray

Bold Accent Wall Using Darker Shades of Gray

While the lighter shades of gray add simplicity and a light feel to the room, the darker shades add boldness and warmth to the room. One such example is this dark gray wood trim accent wall idea which has added boldness to the room. The rectangular blocked pattern of the wall is unique in its way. The dark grey furniture placed in the room increases the beauty of this wall.

4. Bold Look with a Unique Design

Bold Accent Wall Using Darker Shades of Gray.

Another example of a bold-colored wall with a unique design, this wall is complete in itself and will determine the look of the whole room without adding any complementary accessories to it. This wood-trim accent wall carries its own elegance that does not need any extra editions to get a complete look. It is perfect for people who want to opt for a minimalistic bedroom.

5. Partial Accent Wall

Partial Accent Wall

If you want to experiment with the pattern of the wooden accent wall, then you can consider this partial wood wall which ascends to the ceiling. This pattern is perfect for the corners of the wall like this one. Here it enhances the beauty of the wooden wall. The use of indoor plants and lamps has made it look more livelier.

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6. Contrasting Wood Trim Accent Wall Ideas

Contrasting Wood Trim Accent Wall Ideas

Perfect for the room, which has a lot of wooden furniture in it, this wooden accent-trimmed wall idea will add a contrast to the room. It will make the wooden furniture highlighted when a person enters the room. The pattern of the wall gives it a modern touch. To work more on highlighting the furniture, indoor plants with potsmatching the walls can be used.

7. Asymmetric Wooden Trimmed Accent Wall Ideas

Asymmetric Wooden Trimmed Accent Wall Ideas

If you are planning to add a little interesting and dynamic feature to your living room, you can consider adding an asymmetric wooden accent wall. It will add a new dimension to your room and will make your room creative. The designer has perfectly achieved a flawless look by just adding a single vintage clock. The color of the wall is going well with the wooden floor and the wooden shelves of the room.

8. Adjacent Wood Trim Accent Wall Ideas

Adjacent Wood Trim Accent Wall Ideas

Generally, people opt for a single action to the wall for the rooms as a single wall changes the outlook of the whole room. But in the above wooden trim accent wall idea, a lavish look has been created by converting two balls into wooden accent walls. This minimally decorated living room possesses a luxurious look that has all been created using these wooden accent walls.

9. Adding Depth to the Wall

Adding Depth to the Wall

This dark grey-colored wooden accent wall utilizes a box molding pattern to add depth to the room. This work complements well with the other walls of the room and with the furniture to give the room a unique style. It possesses a vintage look. If you want to add a few accessories to it, then you can consider adding vintage vases, as they will increase the vintage vibe.

10. Giving the Wall a Natural Look

Giving the Wall a Natural Look

People who do not want to go for black, white, or grey color accent walls can consider this white oak wood accent wall for their house. This wall looks very artistic and unique as it does not indulge the step of painting the wall. It possesses the natural texture of the wood and adds a different dimension to the room. The mirrorhas been placed on the wall to increase its beauty.

11. Rectangular Connected Blocks Pattern

Rectangular Connected Blocks Pattern

To give a decent look to your living room or bedroom, this kind of rectangular connected block from wall ideas would be apt. This design has a very decent look and blends perfectly well with the light color sofa set as well as the dark-colored table. This pattern adds depth to the wall and does not require any accessories to decorate it.

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12. Wood Trim Accent Wall Ideas for Small Walls

Wood Trim Accent Wall Ideas for Small Walls

If you have a small wall and you want to add interesting details to it, then you can upgrade the normal wall by converting it into a wooden accent wall. This cute and cozy-looking wooden accent wall is perfect for a small corner of the children’s bedroom, and it will become a favorite spot for the kids. The mirror placed on the wall enhances the cuteness of the wall.

13. Gray Wall with White Wood Trims

Gray Wall with White Wood Trims

People who do not want to go with the basic wood trim accents wall ideas like the board and batten can try this idea. In this wall design idea, the geometrical pattern has not been made with the same color as the wall. This is another feature of this wall. The paintings complete the look of the wall giving it a fresh and bright vibe.

14. Cross-Hatched Wood Trim Accent Wall Idea

Cross-Hatched Wood Trim Accent Wall Idea

Another example of wood trim accent wall ideas for people who do not want to use the basic patterns in their rooms. This cross-hatched is a budget-friendly option also as it does not utilize much of the material. This pattern will give a modern look to your bedroom. With the addition of the painting, its look has been enhanced.

15. Accent Wall Extending to Just Half of The Wall

Accent Wall Extending to Just Half of The Wall

It’s not necessary that the wooden trim accent wall should extend up to the whole length of the wall. You can experiment with the length of the accent wall to achieve the desired look, and even you can use it for other purposes, such as showcasing your decor items. A similar look has been achieved in one of the wooden trim accent wall ideas; they have only extended it to half of the wall and used it to display the paintings, and other things like small vases can be kept.

16. Shiplap Walls

Shiplap Walls

Shiplap walls are also a good idea to add a new outlook to the existing room, especially the wall with fireplaces. Shiplaps make the monotonous rooms into interesting ones and catch everyone’s attention easily. They can even be used to hang paintings or place television. Experimenting with the colors and designs of the shiplap walls will help you in achieving the desired look.

17. Neutral Wooden Theme for Bedroom

Neutral Wooden Theme for Bedroom

If you want to achieve a neutral look for your bedroom but also want to try something new at the same time, then instead of opting for all-white walls, you can go for this natural-themed wood trim wall accent idea. It adds a cozy and comfy vibe. Adding the mirror is not only serving as a decor item but is also giving an illusion of a spacious room.

18. Play with the Geometry

Play with the Geometry

You can play with the geometry of the wooden trims. Geometry plays an important role in deciding the outlook of the wall. This stylish wall is created only by playing with the geometry and is the center of attraction of this dining room. The selection of the complementing color of the wall gives a luxurious look to the room without adding any fancy showpieces or paintings.

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19. DIY Wood Trim Accent Wall

DIY Wood Trim Accent Wall

Following is an example of one of the DIY wood trim accent wall ideas. It has been created with the minimum effort yet looks so unique and modern. So if you like to do things on your own, you can try to make one such creative wall for your living room or bedroom and receive compliments for the work done. Add matching furniture, and your room is complete.

20. Simple and Classic Wall

Simple and Classic Wall

Using the basic rectangular block pattern, you can achieve a very simple and classic look for your living room. Though this wood trim accent wall does not include any different kind of geometry, nor has any experiment done with the color scheme. Still, it is able to depict a contemporary look for the house that is admirable to all. The painting placed on the wall has made it look even more classic.

21. Idea for Tv Wall

Idea for Tv Wall

It isn’t necessary that only bedroom or dining room walls can be recreated. To enhance your TV-watching experience, you can convert the boring tv wall into an interesting one just like this. Here with the help of contrasting wood trim accent wall ideas, a warm look has been created. The light-colored furniture is also matching with the wall and makes the room look spacious and cozy.


Accent walls have become quite common nowadays. These walls are a stylish and artistic way to add a new look to the house. Above are a few ideas that can be used to convert a boring room into an appealing one. You can experiment with the color combination, geometrical design, patterns, shapes, etc., to give your room a modern, cozy, aesthetic, or bold look as per your choice.

For the modern look, you can consider lighter shades, and on the other hand, for the bold look, you can opt for darker shades. Similarly, different design patterns have their unique impact. There are endless options that can be incorporated to achieve the desired look.

All that is required is a little patience and creativity, and you are all set!

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