21 Creative and Easy DIY Tree House Plans for Your Kids

Growing up as a kid, we always got fascinated by the tree-houses we used to watch in cartoons. Some of the cartoons like “The Simpsons,” “Gravity Falls,” and “Hey Arnold” helped us dream. The concept of a separate house on a tree where we can do anything we want, from playing with our friends, having sleepovers, and having our muddy shoes as well to painting however we want, is so intriguing.

Parents, too, encourage having a treehouse because of many reasons as it’s eco-friendly, helps their kid connect with nature, and increases outdoor activities. But as a parent, there are many challenges you face in the process of making a tree house, like legal and permit requirements, tree selection and its health, time and resource management, total expenses, etc. But one of the main issues is to select the perfect tree house plan that is both safe and attractive for the kid.

In this article, I’ll showcase 21 DIY treehouse plans that will help you pick up the perfect Plan for your kid. Let’s get started!

1. The Modern Magic Plan

The Modern Magic Plan

If you want a plan that is both engaging as well as an educational experience for your kids, then this is the perfect one. The process of constructing the Modern Magic tree house will help your kids learn new things about the construction of treehouses as well as grow the bond between you too.

In this Plan, the variant is very simple, sustainable, and versatile. It is very easy to construct as well as deconstruct because of its tree-tied version.

2. The Lundgren Treehouse Plan

The Lundgren Treehouse Plan

This treehouse plan needs a strong tree with a well-defined singular trunk with a branch canopy larger than a floor size. You can even select a tall tree with a single trunk. But for a single trunk, the treehouse will portray a big chimney in the middle, which the kid will find unattractive.

3. The Backyard Treehouse Plan

The Backyard Treehouse Plan .jpg

If you have enough space in your backyard, this Plan will be perfect. The process is a bit complicated, and it includes different steps of installing the beams, leveling the platform, installing the knee braces, decking, framing the walls and roof, and making the door and ladder accessible. Then Boom! The treehouse for your kid is ready!

4. The Three Tree Crook Plan

The Three Tree Crook Plan .jpg

This Plan is a unique one as its best for the summer, and it requires two to three branches close to each other. The roof also has a design of a camouflage tarp giving it a military look. There are many steps required in constructing this treehouse, like mounting the main support, laying out and building the platform, then attaching them to the supports.

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5. The Pirate Style Plan

he Pirate Style Plan

Kids are definitely fascinated by pirates, so this is the perfect Plan to make your kids happy. Some of its steps include building proper support, proper flooring, framing, and walls, inserting the door, ladder, roof, and lastly, decor. The decoration should be perfect, which might include the posters of pirates then, adding props that pirates use, and finally, the flag on the roof.

6. The Ideal Treehouse for Kids

The Ideal Treehouse for Kids .jpg

This treehouse has definitely crossed the limits of an ideal treehouse and is both fascinating for a kid as well as an adult. It includes a proper staircase for anyone to climb up. The interiors were given a beautiful rustic finish, and the walls were given plywood paneling.

There are swings for the kids to play and chairs for the adults to sit and relax.

7. Plan Among the Big Red Wood

The Ideal Treehouse for Kids. .jpg

The big redwood is known for its height and is definitely the tallest tree in the world. Just imagine having a treehouse among the tallest trees in the world. The process includes many steps, like building the framework, using a spider web frame, railing of copper pipes, and salvaged bed posts.

8. The Twirly Wood Plan

The Twirly Wood Plan

In this house plan, twirly wood is used to make the pathway which makes the design unique compared to an ideal treehouse. The entrance leads to the main space where the kid can play and enjoy. This space is perfect for you and your family if you want a compact but spacious place with better durability.

9. The Simple Fort Plan

The Simple Fort Plan

This DIY Treehouse set will fulfill the dream of your kid to have a fort of their own. You don’t need a lot of experience in carpentry to construct this fort. The size of the fort is roughly six feet square and ten feet tall. The fort has a ladder for the kids to climb up, and the roof is four feet from the deck.

10. A-shaped Treehouse

A-shaped Treehouse

This treehouse can either be built using one tree and two posts or with four posts with more support. The size of the plywood sheets used is 4 x 8. The steps include building a front view, framing, and detailing. It includes a ladder to climb up the house, and it also can be used for a great view.

11. Outdoor Tree Fort Plan

Outdoor Tree Fort Plan

This is another way of building a treehouse/ tree fort. The steps include positioning the first and second frame board, adding the gravel base, setting the three posts in quick-dry concrete, squaring all the corners, and completing the tree house frame. Then comes the final steps of adding two similar ladders, framing the treehouse walls, and adding the wall frames making it safer and more secure for the kids.

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12. Circular Connected Treehouse Frame

Circular Connected Treehouse Frame

If you want to impress your children, use your creativity in making a unique treehouse. This treehouse has a circular shape with coconut tree branches as a roof giving it a more beachy vibe. Not only for kids but this treehouse can also be used by adults if they want a change in their daily monotonous lifestyle. If you have any new ideas or changes, you can implement them too.

13. The Deluxe Plan

The Deluxe Plan

This is a proper backyard treehouse, and if you want something strong and long-lasting, this one’s for you. Its steps include constructing a supportive framework, filling the deck, attaching the ladder and the pulley, and constructing a washroom, railing, and door.

14. Fall City Plan

Fall City Plan

This treehouse design nests with the help of three trees and has a sweet backyard getaway. The space inside the house is 121 square feet making enough space for an armchair and a lounge. It contains a ship ladder, and its roof is built of steep pitches and open vaulted ceilings, which makes the house spacious.

15. Omak Design

Omak Design .jpg

This treehouse, also known as a backyard hideout, consists of a set of stairs, two doors, and a balcony view around the deck. This house is spacious from the inside with nice decor. The size of the interiors is around 100 square feet, but because of its multiple windows, there is enough natural light coming inside.

16. Marblemount Heavy Duty Design

Marblemount Heavy Duty Design

This is a proper open-air treehouse that can be used for multiple purposes and is loved by both kids and adults. This deck can be used for soaking in the sunlight as well as for outdoor get-togethers. The size of the deck is around 180 square feet, has 2 tabs and 8 corner brackets for support.

17. Tonasket Plan

Tonasket Plan .jpg

This treehouse is the perfect example of a backyard bunkhouse, and its interior is 170 square feet. It is spacious enough to hold two bunker beds and a small seating area. Just like other houses, it also has a ship ladder that leads to an 82 square feet deck. It has two divided glass windows which help the people inside receive enough natural light.

18. The Climbing Wall Plan

The Climbing Wall Plan

If you want your kid to have more physical activities, especially be a better climber, then this one is perfect. It has a climbing wall which would be a great physical activity for your kid and then comes the treehouse. The steps to the process include planning the tools and materials to be used, building a layout, installing the joist, side wall, slanted wall, platform, and many more.

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19. The Cocoon Plan 

The Cocoon Plan

If you are someone who just wants to keep it simple without wasting much time, then this one’s for you. It’s a very common type of tree house which includes the steps of assembling the lag screw, drilling the mounting holes, mounting the screw assemblies, and many more.

20. The Rope Bridge Plan

The Rope Bridge Plan

As the name suggests, this treehouse’s pathway is a road bridge. This is a unique design and is attractive for both kids and adults. Some of its steps include laying the foundation of the timber frame, putting together the walls, working on the roofs, suspension bridge and deck railing, and many more.

21. DIY Simple Plan

DIY Simple Plan

This is another treehouse plan that doesn’t require much time and can be constructed easily. This is built at the top of the tree and can be dangerous for kids, so make sure to take necessary safety measures. This is built at about 10 feet off the ground, and it has a unique entrance or ladder compared to other ship ladders.


As an adult, it has become important to live and experience your childhood moments once again with your kids, and what better than making treehouses? The best part is that the construction takes days, so it involves proper planning and execution. The kids learn either by watching or helping you out.

With the rise of technology and the internet in every kid’s hands, these types of physical activities are important. They learn the skills of carpentry, designing, planning, execution, and teamwork.

They also learn about the environment around them and how to take care. After the completion, the sense of accomplishment is the cherry on the cake. Adults can see the treehouses, too, if they want to go on a nostalgic ride back to their childhood.

We hope the above 21 DIY treehouse plans help you connect with your kids and add a memorable chapter to your life. Pick any design you like or let your kid pick it up for you, and on the weekend, plan out something memorable for your family.

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