21 Creative and Easy-to-Make Bookmarks Ideas

Super Creative DIY Bookmarks & Ideas

An engaging DIY creative bookmarks ideas bring along a host of benefits and intriguing aspects that gives a wholesome experience. There are numerous positive dimensions of diving into bookmark projects and activities. Besides working on the aesthetic, it helps you enhance creativity, expression, and practicality.

The bookmark ideas not just set a positive tone but allow individuals to express their imagination through unique artwork. It helps you save a lot of money by providing you with a space to engage in artistic activity.

Moreover, such bookmark ideas are a great push toward environmental friendliness that encourages the usage of recycled materials. Above all, it also helps you in delving into the literary adventure by acting as a gentle and creative reminder.

Taking inspiration from various sources and the openness to adaptability can help one create innovative and engaging bookmarks that go with one’s personality and make things worth exploring. Presenting numerous DIY Bookmark ideas that will help you roll on your creative journey and make your reading experience super fun.

Super Creative DIY Bookmarks & Ideas

1. Button Bookmarks

Button Bookmarks

One of the easiest ways to get your bookmark done is to get away with a button and customize it giving your touch with a random theme and sticking it along the paper clips. All you need is to glue your paper clip to the back of your chosen button. There are plenty of readymade super cool button options available if you can’t customize them, this is it. You are done with the easiest yet adorable bookmark.

2. Popsicle Stick Flower Bookmarks

Popsicle Stick Flower Bookmarks

It’s a super fun option and the best choice if you wish to go with something more rigid. You will be required to have a popsicle stick to make the body of your bookmark that helps make it durable. Cover the stick with any cardboard, colored paper, or with a self-customized element made from paper, fabric, or ribbons giving it a nice design. You can add on it glitters, sparkles, or any additional element to bring the best look out of the popsicle sticks. The best part about this bookmark is it can be repurposed into a new thing despite just throwing it away or can be redesigned to meet your kid’s needs.

3. Heart Corner Bookmarks

Heart Corner Bookmarks

A DIY heart corner bookmark has a wide connotation. It is a perfect mode to denote your love, affection, and care for someone. By gifting a heart-cornered bookmark, you express your care for your beloved ones. Moreover, it is as easy to make as it is cute. All you require is two heart-shaped cut-outs that can be of a material of your choice, stick them together, and that’s it. You are done with one of the most adorable options in the bloc. Couple it with a romantic novel to enhance its impact.

4. Quoted Bookmarks

Quoted Bookmarks

This kind of bookmark is one of the best measures to keep oneself aware of their motto and goals. Any inspiring quotes or a couple or two self-written would best do the justice to keep you going. It will even help you out in keeping you going if you find book reading too monotonous. It is simple to make; after giving your bookmark a basic structure, you can proceed in any manner to hand it the best design possible based on your choice. You can even make use of digital tools or drawing software to give your art a more creative touch.

5. Hand Drawn Bookmarks

Hand Drawn Bookmarks

Hand Drawn bookmarks are a bit harder than the others on the bloc and will not even be given the flawless touch as compared to the digital drawings. However, having it by you will surely give a sense of personal pleasure, given it’s your own creation that will be appreciated by others. It is your art that will do the talking; whether you are an artist or not, it is completely ‘OK’ This bookmark is the perfect way to show off your skills.

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6. Rat Bookmarks

Rat Bookmarks

Such bookmarks are the perfect blend of creativity and design. This perfectly knitted rat-shaped bookmark is as cute as it is attractive. When closed, it will exactly resemble a rat trapped inside the book. In this case, a crochet animal which is readily available on the e-commerce sites. However, it is better if you go for one hand-knitted piece with your sole creativity. Not just the rat, this bookmark can be designed for anything of your choice.

7. Theme-Based Bookmarks

Theme-Based Bookmarks .jpg

Theme-based bookmark ideas are also among the top trends these days. All you require is a few pieces of colored paper to make them. It is better to have multi-colour papers to give the final look of your bookmark a more vibrant touch. It is just one of the several existing art pieces to give your book-reading experience a more amusing touch. You can choose any existing theme based on what brings you cheer. ‘Pirates of the Caribbean,’ Games of Thrones, ‘Money Heist,’ or anything of your choice. However, the crucial part is associated with that of the presentation that you must be very careful about. You can even make use of any AI or digital art-making tools to give it a perfect touch.

8. Lace Paper Bookmarks

Lace Paper Bookmarks

One of the most artistic and perfect bookmark ideas for all of your favorite books. It is not just easy to make but rather makes an excellent gifting choice. You have the option of framing on your own or can make use of the cutting machine to make the most out of it. To proceed ahead with this idea, it is required to plan accordingly, with colors, design, and elements to be involved. If you are trying to gift it to someone, it is equally essential to cater to the choice of the person so the design is done accordingly.

9. Confetti Bookmarks

Confetti Bookmarks

It is super fun to make these cool bookmarks that are not just easy to make but is a great element of learning for kids that also makes a great choice for adults as well. Anyone can make it with ease, and it doesn’t call for any specific skill set. The basic idea is to give your bookmark an enchanting border with a blank space at the center that is made to design with any random element of your choice.

10. Cat Bookmarks

Cat Bookmarks

Another animal-based idea on the bloc, which is not just cute but super cool in the way of its own and a must for all kitty lovers. The best part about this bookmark idea is it can be crafted in a number of ways with any possible material available. You can also make use of different readymade elements to add the pleasantry touch to your final cat-theme bookmark.

11. Big Bow Bookmarks

Big Bow Bookmarks

Big Bow is among the very rare bookmark ideas which need no inventory. You can make it simple with just available things at your home in less than half an hour. All you need is a piece of cloth, and shape it well, similar to that of the bow. Once done, you can simply use the pins or an elastic rubber to tuck it around. It is one of the best things to gift to your teacher or any book lover.

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12. Wood and Fabric Bookmarks

Wood and Fabric Bookmarks .jpg

A thin wooden material or a fabric can be well designed to give it the shape of a customized bookmark. It is one of the most versatile options that can be chosen from the set of options available. You can shape it in any way possible and design it and can be used to gift.

13. Woven Bookmarks

Woven Bookmarks .jpg

This a perfect set of work for those who know to weave or are used to knitted woolen materials. Add this collection to your set of bookmark ideas to enhance the versatility of your collection. Bookmark ideas like this give adds a sense of personal pleasure and enhance your book-reading experience.

14. Heart-Shaped Paper Clip Bookmarks

Heart-Shaped Paper Clip Bookmarks .jpg

Another affectionate and involving bookmark idea to add to your collection of bookmarks is heart-shaped bookmarks. There is nothing too much tedious to make it, just pink color paper clips, and that’s it. You can craft or mold it in any size that can well be used to gift others as well, showing your love and affection to them.

15. Tea Cup Bookmarks

Tea Cup Bookmarks

A must for tea lovers and an adorable bookmark idea that can be crafted with extremely few supplies, you can showcase your creativity in the option by designing in any way possible with a hanging string tied to it. A printed template can also be brought to use to make the job easier.

16. Photo Bookmarks

Photo Bookmarks

One of the best ways to cherish the good old memories together with your loved ones. Get the print of the picture you want to have at the center, glue it on a solid base, provide the background with a little artwork associated with the tone of the picture, and your job is done. This is one of the best ideas to express your emotions if you are running out of ideas about what to gift someone.

17. Beaded Bookmarks

Beaded Bookmarks

It is that bookmark idea where your choice comes into play more than that of your artistic fervor. It is more sort of jewelry than a conventional bookmark. You can either go for the pre-existing choices or can get it customized. It also makes one of the good choices to gift to your closed ones. It is multipurpose in nature that can be converted into a fashionable keychain. The work to accomplish it is as simple as crafting the beaded bracelets. However, it is essential to cater to the shape and size that must not be too big or either too small.

18. Spine Bookmarks

Spine Bookmarks .jpg

This DIY bookmark idea is made of the spine of old books that are either too old, damaged, or of no use to you anymore. It is purposefully done to give such books a new life by bringing them to use. To make it, all you need is a knife, a few old books, and glue.

19. Tassel Bookmarks

Tassel Bookmarks

Such tassel bookmark ideas are simple cardstock bookmark that requires various marking and designs that completely lies on one’s own choice. It is essential to have one big fluffy tassel attached to one of the card’s ends that will remain suspended. This gives a book lover to play any way they want, specifically with the tone and title of the book they are reading.

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20. Feather Bookmarks

Feather Bookmarks

It is one of the best ways to show how well you are connected with nature. You will be required to have twigs, scissors, yarn, and feathers to make these bookmarks. Finding feathers and twigs won’t be a problem; however, these are also readily available online. Shape it well, suiting to the size of the standard book size. You can keep it for yourself and can also extend it as a gift to your beloved.

21. Ice Cream Sticks Bookmarks

Ice Cream Sticks Bookmarks

This ice cream stick bookmark is one of the cleverest bookmarks in our shortlisted choices. This not just enables you to locate the page but rather the exact word from where you stopped last, both horizontally as well as vertically. A lot can be done related to the appearance of this bookmark idea. Crafting can be detailed in any way possible, with the help of colorful papers, paint, or even with glittery clothes. It is one of the best ideas on the list that can help children enhance their creativity.


Bookmark is one of the most creative DIY projects that helps you hone your artistic touch. Taking inspiration from a range of sources and the openness to adaptability can help one create innovative and engaging bookmarks that go with one’s personality and helps you explore new dimensions.

Your book-reading experience with these bookmark ideas will also get more engaging precisely against the monotonous bookmarks that go with the book. The DIY bookmark ideas are also thoughtful and meaningful gestures in the form of offering gifts to your loved ones. With such bookmark ideas, there is the encouragement to bring recycled materials into use, reduce waste, and develop the idea of creating from waste, which helps contribute to the sustainable approach in its entirety.

Frequently Answered Questions

What Kind of Material to Prefer While Making Bookmarks?

There are a couple of things that you must look after while choosing the perfect material for bookmarks, and it is essential to have a bookmark as thin as possible. If they are too thick, it will be difficult to close the book. Apart from that, make sure you use high-quality colors if you have decided to make one by yourself; you won’t wish to get the bookmark imprints on the pages of your book at any cost.

How Long Should Bookmarks Be?

There is no certainty in the answer to this question. The length ideally depends upon the size of the book your bookmark is meant to be. However, it is essential to cater that your bookmark is at least 2-3 inches longer than your book’s width. It will ensure that the bookmark will not fall while reading.

What Can the Bookmarks Else Be Used For?

If you have plenty of bookmarks in your collection, you can use them in multiple ways other than bookmarking. A few of them could be used as gif tags, party invitations, gifts as commemorative gestures, business cards, or something similar sort of things.

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