Many children who attend residential treatment centers are taken by transport services. These escorts services are companies that specialize in escorting teenagers from their homes to various facilities. Parents may use a transport service if they believe that their child needs residential treatment program and the child will not attend willingly with parents.

In the United States there is over 20 such teen transport programs. These programs are NOT regulated nor are the programs that these escort services take children to.

The above video specifically speaks of Rick Strawn. Since these transport agencies are not regulated Strawn is allowed to work with kids even after the following situations were reported of him...

"... the stepdaughter told a counselor that Strawn had molested her two years earlier, when she was 12. ...she was still wearing her green-and-white cheerleader's outfit. She fell asleep on the living-room floor while watching TV with her stepfather. She said that she woke to the feel of something hard against her vagina and ran out of the room. Strawn was arrested for molestation. During the police investigation, he claimed that he'd fallen asleep after drinking, and in his dreams had confused his stepdaughter with his wife...He also admitted to detectives that a year earlier he had fondled the breasts of his niece on two separate occasions, when she was 12 or 13... But Strawn's stepdaughter recanted her accusation, leaving prosecutors little choice but to drop the molestation charge."

In another situation...

"A struggle ensued, and Strawn kicked the girl in the groin. He then grabbed his wife by the throat, choking her while his stepdaughter called 911."


Many children are often woken up in the middle of the night by transporter so that a childs is disoriented and easier to control. Many times transport to program invovles physical contact between child and transporter even if the child is not violent.

Having children taken by people they do not know is very damaging to children and often teens experience trauma related to the transport situation.