The Government on Residential Teen Programs

Shutting down residential programs is difficult for one central reason: the amount of money these programs donate to politicians. Some politicians have compared their conduct and treatment of children to human rights violations in third world countries. The United States government has also documented multiple allegations of abuse and even death in residential programs. While many politicians do receive money from these programs, some have been working for years to impose regulations that would essentially make these programs and their accompanying institutions safer and more effective. California Congressman George Miller has introduced Bills to the house to regulate these programs. Past bills H.R. 999 (2005) and H.R. 911 of (2009) were NOT successful in regulating these programs because the Senate did not pass them.

Additionally California congressman George miller asked for an investigation in to residential treatment centers while he was the head of the education and labor committee

Greg Kutz of the Governement Accountability office 2007 official study:

And 2008 official study: