Looking for a temporary bottom

World stock markets are oversold, and now that the US markets have taken a dip under the May 6 lows we have a stronger case for some near-term strength. The put:call ratio is also advising shorts not to press their luck, though there is still plenty of room on the upside, especially considering that this is indicator tends to oscillate from extreme lows to extreme highs:


I’ve eased up on my short risk portfolio today by selling some puts, closing some ultralong ETF shorts, selling Yen and buying SPX and Nikkei futures. I’ll view any bounce as a shorting opportunity, since unlike most of the people on TV this week I don’t view this sell-off as a correction but the likely start of another leg down in a multi-year bear market.

I tend to be early on closing and easing up shorts, so take note that we don’t have much in the way of bullish action out there yet.

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