Updated Designs


Updated designs


Critical Analysis of Previously Proposed Massing


Overview of existing site conditions

  • Poor quality street frontage, presence of surface parking along streetscape

  • Low-rise, suburban development

  • No historic structures on site


Critical analysis criteria: Community commentary


1 | National hotel

Massing steps to 20m at National Hotel.
  • Datum not achieved

  • 2 | Historic Street Frontage

    2m set back introduced above 20m.
    Majority of massing is still aligned with 9th Avenue SE.
  • Frontage consideration partially achieved

  • 3 | Pedestrian Experience

    Sidewalk width increased with addition of colonnade.
  • Concerns with quality of pedestrian realm within colonnade

  • 4 | Community Benefits

    Public colonnade leads to new central public courtyard.
  • Concerns with quality of public space in courtyard

  • 5 | Architectural Impact

    Majority of massing aligns with 9th Avenue streetscape.
  • Concerns of 'visual wall' and shadowing along 9th Avenue SE

  • 6 | Heritage and Materiality

    Materiality to be developed through subsequent design process.

    Revised Massing Strategy

    6.5 FAR/45 Metres Height


    1 | National hotel

  • Contextual relationship created with the National Hotel via defined setbacks

  • 2 | 5-6 Storey Contextual Street Frontage

  • 3.5m setback from 9 Avenue SE above 22.5m
  • Consolidation of density above 22.5m to avoid 'visual wall'

  • 3 | Pedestrian Experience

  • Increased public sidewalk width along all street facing retail frontages
  • Covered, recessed retail frontage around perimeter of building

  • 4 | Community Benefits

  • Provision of Publicly Accessible Private Open Space (minimum of 250m2)
  • Public Art - On Site
  • Contribution to Heritage Incentive Reserve Fund
  • Affordable Housing Units

  • 5 | Architectural Impact: F.A.R. + Density + Shadowing

  • Reduction of density to 6.5 F.A.R.
  • Reduction of shadowing along 9th Avenue

  • 6 | Heritage and Materiality

    Refer to following section for design aspirations and precedents.

    Please note: Since this process is still at the land-use stage, these are architectural schemes of what is possible at this site, while responding meaningfully to community concerns. These are not detailed design schemes, which will be fleshed out at the development permit stage


    Massing Perceptions


    Aerial view looking south west

    Aerial view looking north

    1. 2020-08-10_45M 6.5 FAR MASSING_AERIAL LOOKING SW.jpg

    Street view looking east

    4. 2020-08-10_45M 6.5 FAR MASSING_GROUND LOOKING E.jpg
    2. 2020-08-10_45M 6.5 FAR MASSING_AERIAL LOOKING N.jpg

    Street view looking west

    3. 2020-08-10_45M 6.5 FAR MASSING_GROUND LOOKING W.jpg

    Aspirations and Opportunities


    Community focused retail experience

    • Creation of a vibrant year-round market to compliment the existing night market


    Indoor community amenity spaces

    • Community meeting rooms

    • Assembly spaces

    • Recreational spaces

    • Educational facilities

    • Cultural facilities

    • Daycare


    Exterior Amenity Space

    • Outdoor space located on the development parcel

    • Recreational space


    Heritage and Materiality

    • Sensitive materiality related to local context (Masonry facades)



    6.5 FAR - 45 Metres Height