Cheryl Cowans - "Recovery Works"

Hey, Tanya and Ben, I've been extremely busy thanks to you guys my walking angels on earth truly God sent. When I share my story today to recovering people just like me and I know how God led me your direction.  It brings tears to my eyes. I would cry I remember my childhood. I remember my child not knowing that God will meet me there in the midst of my storm. I did remember seeing that yellow bike riding around in areas that I should not have been in not knowing that you were spreading the message today. I am so grateful I'm still very clean from that day that the both of you shut your store down went all over Atlanta Georgia to get me into the program and contacted my family. That was in August of 2014. Today I give back to the community what was so freely given back to me. I work with elderly and I also came back to Atlanta Georgia to the place where I used to eat when I was hungry which is Wheat Street Baptist Church. The funny thing about it I took a look up at the sign and it was no longer flashing. Wow God is good and I will always be forever in your debt. Thank God for people like you.  Love you both Cheryl.

Benjamin Graham - "Recovery Works"

Benjamin "Bigmouthben" Graham is a business owner and a motivational entertainer that has truly been inspiring to many people. His story is one of determination and overcoming major obstacles. A life-threatening injury landed Benjamin in a wheelchair. A year later he was healed and serving snacks out that same wheelchair. Ben swept floors, cleaned toilets, washed windows as well as walked 20 plus miles every day to sell his snacks to support himself. He came up with an idea to design a bike to get around faster, but after years of struggle with addiction and mental illness, Ben ended up homeless, sleeping under a downtown Atlanta bridge for 7 years. Determined to succeed, he finally gave life that one last attempt and it worked. Ben took advantage of assistance given through organizations such as Mercy Care, Salvation Army, Atlanta Union Mission, Making A Way Housing, Inc., Gateway Center and Travelers Aid. As a result of his hard work and perseverance along with assistance from such programs, Ben was able to move forward in his journey. Today he owns a convenience store with his wife Tanya on the same street he slept on as a homeless man.


Ben uses music, motivational speaking, and mentorship through Motivation Forward, Inc. and the Bigmouthben Movement to encourage others to never give up.


To learn more and support his movement or book him for an event you can visit or contact us by visiting our Contact Us page.

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Author Benjamin C. Graham


Benjamin Graham, also known as Bigmouthben, gives us an account of his spiritual journey in life. From a homeless crack addict to a prominent business owner.

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