Read It: For This I Was Born by B. Houston + Greater by S. Furtick

:: entering 2013 I set myself a personal challenge: read one book each week this year; 52 in total. why? if you read well you write well. the essence of this series is about books I read + that you should read… thus, ‘Read It’ ::

Book #6: // For This I Was Born: Aligning Your Vision To God’s Cause, by Brian Houston


For This I Was Born is an eye, brain, + heart opening book. Penned by Brian Houston, senior pastor of Hillsong Church alongside his wife Bobbie, his knowledge + wisdom seeps through the pages.

This book is incredibly encouraging as it affirms one of humanity’s greatest questions: “what am I doing here? / what is my plan on earth?” – there is a plan for you. And more than a plan, there is a cause.


First Sentence: “Time is ticking.”

Number of Pages: 173

Favourite Quote: “Purpose gives our lives new dimension.” (p.99)

Least Favourite Part: Everything feels like it repeats. But on the flipside, it’s good because it causes you to ponder + dwell on the key words more.

Favourite Part: I love how he keeps differentiating between a vision + cause. Eg: “vision is essential but the cause is powerful.” (p. 43), “you hold vision in your hand but a cause grips your heart.” (p. 40). I love this because it’s so common to hear about vision, but cause, well, that’s not often spoken about.

Who should read it? Those seeking the purpose of their life +/or wanting to be challenged + inspired to live a life of greater vision.

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Book #7: // Greater: Dream Bigger. Start Smaller. Ignite God’s Vision For Your Life, by Steven Furtick


Steven Furtick leads one of the fastest growing churches in America, Elevation Church. Founded in 2006, Elevation has grown from 8 families to over 12,000 people across multiple campuses – amazing!

A couple of months ago I listened to + was impacted by the Steven Furtick’s Greater podcast series. So, reading it in print form was high on my list of ‘must-reads’. Titled, Greater: Dream Bigger, Start Smaller, Ignite God’s vision for your life that’s exactly what it’s about – Dreaming Bigger + Starting Smaller. More than this though, it’s really about living a bigger life. It’s one thing to dream bigger, but it’s another to live bigger. He doesn’t nudge you toward realising this, he pushes you. And that’s more than okay.


First Sentence: “I used to want to do great things for God. That was before I found something greater.”

Number of Pages: 205

Favourite Quote: “Some people never get greater because they’re not willing to leave good behind.” (p.46)

Favourite Part: His relevancy to culture. It’s not ‘super-spiritual’ but simply normal + practical. I love how tells the story of his journey from living good to great + now the greater life. Along the way he’s honest with his stories + doesn’t make out that he’s ‘perfect’ (eg: ignoring his kids while being under the pump to get Greater published – he doesn’t sugar coat it. While doing it he realised it’s wrong, ironic, had a revelation, + changed his ways). Even though he’s a pastor of a “mega-church”, he doesn’t hide behind the mask of it.

Least Favourite Part: How challenging it is – it truly wrecks your life (for the better) for anything less than great.

Who should read it? Those wanting to get  out of the rut of living a mundane life. Life can be good, but it is supposed to be greater. And you can live a greater life. This book will help ignite the passion + vision you need to do so.

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