Kindness + Generosity Are Beams Of Light


[image via Pinterest]

Kindness + generosity are beams of light.

In the darkest of places, hearts, + situations, a simple act of kindness + selfless outreach of generosity is the light needed to show there’s a better day coming.

Kindness + generosity are unseen treasures.

We may not always see the impact they have in someone’s heart + life, but rest assured that seeds were planted + warmth permeated their being — it’s the only response that can be created from something so pure.

Kindness + generosity can be uncomfortable acts.

Reaching out of one’s comfort zone to bestow something beautiful upon another is often something the flesh in us wants to withhold. But, when it’s willingly given new worlds can collide + be transformed.

Kindness + generosity provokes the heart to see beyond.

When someone has gone beyond themselves to shower such goodness, your heart can’t help but be provoked to see beyond as well. Although the outward reaction may not be what you expected, overwhelmed with appreciation, all hope is that their actions begin to speak of kindness + generosity too.

Kindness + generosity are the marks of humanity at its finest.

Humanity thrives in a community of ‘otherness’. And kindness + generosity provide the best platform for that to happen.

Kindness + generosity is a responsibility.

Not for one or two of us, but for all of us. Each individual life was threaded together by a hand of generous grace. Because of this, it’s our responsibility to hand out what we’ve been embedded with.

Kindness + generosity allows everyone to win.

You never lose anything by being kind + generous. But you do lose when you keep it all to yourself.

The best part of life is not just surviving, but thriving with passion and compassion and humor and style and generosity and kindness. – Maya Angelou