Licking Knives by Melanie Hrymak

Licking Knives by Melanie Hrymak







“Ukrainian people are convinced that everything will turn out shit because it always has.
And they are always right.”

Exploring the themes of identity and self-determination, Licking Knives is a darkly funny story told by a confident, confused, indignant young woman who decides to leave home in the spring of 1939. It is a journey that will take you across Europe from a stick in the Ukrainian mud to the City of Lights.

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Gross by Dave Proctor

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45. blade of egg beater.
97. bullet casings, brass.
132. travel-sized toothbrush.

Many people live perfectly normal healthy lives with celiac disease. Frank, the baker, did not. He didn’t handle it well. You can see it on the coroner’s report when Frank’s pica took over. You can see the things he ate when the going got rough–the paint chips and light bulbs and tin cans. You can see where he felt useless, you can measure the time he lost with his daughter. Get to know Frank through the contents of his stomach, spilled out and itemized in little jars. It’s the only way to understand him now.
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