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The Celebrate 27 Arts Fest Community Cultural Champions project recognizes the significant contribution that cultural champions make in our communities. There are many people in Toronto’s diverse neighbourhoods and in the community arts sector who have given of themselves to enrich their communities through the arts. Twelve local cultural champions were honoured at the launch of the Celebrate 27 Arts Fest on March 31, 2011 at Brookfield Place. Through our partnership with the Toronto-based company Joy Apparel, the images of the community cultural champions were artistically rendered on t-shirts and scarves, in recognition of their efforts. A run of these limited edition t-shirts/scarves will be available by donation in April. Revenue from these donations will go back to the organization that selected the local champion to be used for community arts programming.



Kim hails from Trinidad & Tobago, but is made of the fabric and texture of the many places she has moved through the world. With a joint honors in African, Caribbean and Latin American History and Cultural Anthropology with a minor in Philosophy from McGill University she has developed a strong voice as an artist, global citizen and social change advocate. A published creative writer, spoken word artist, performer, play write, media artist, journalist, yoga instructor and public speaker Kim has built a proud reputation as a passionate youth leader and community organizer. She has graced stages, festivals, panel discussions and conferences across North America. Kim is also an innovative arts program developer and popular educator infusing exploration and criticality while as an ICA trained facilitator she fosters inclusion, equity and anti-oppression into everything that she does. Kim is co-director of The People Project, an organization producing innovative arts and leadership opportunities for queer and marginalized youth in Toronto.


Natalyn Tremblay carries the conviction and strength of their M├ętis French Farmer roots, and the experiences as a queer identical twin and rambler to imbue criticality and creativity into everything they engage with. Natalyn holds a BA in Integrated Media from the Ontario College of Art and Design with a special focus on the theory and practice of making art for social change. They have been creating mixed media and performative works as an independent artist and community collaborator for over 10 years showing internationally from soap boxes & back alleys to contemporary stages & galleries. Their work explores and explodes the fissures and intersections between human peripheries, identities and stories. Natalyn is also the co-founder and Executive Director of The People Project, an organization producing and leveraging arts and leadership opportunities for Spectrum (LGBTTQQ2SIA) youth while offering a breadth of equity based consultation and facilitation for youth service providers at all socio-political levels.

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